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Again, welcome and have fun! [[User:Sam888|Sam888]] ([[User talk:Sam888|talk]]) 02:06, 14 May 2020 (UTC)
==Screenshot names for user manual==
hi thanks for the edits. Please make sure you name the screenshot with the Gramps version and language version it is in please. [[User:JStockman67|JStockman67]] ([[User talk:JStockman67|talk]]) 09:07, 3 June 2020 (UTC)
:Hello @ JStockman67.
:I didn't know about this rules for the photo.
:How can I change the name of the screenshots I have already uploaded ?
hi thanks ::Hello , see the following [[Translating_the_Gramps_User_manual#Screenshots]] the example given is funnily enough for French. Search your contribution history for [ uploaded files] go to each file and from the "More" menu at the top of the page you have the editsoption to "Move" the file to new name. Please make sure then in the french user manual change the file name to match. [[User:JStockman67|JStockman67]] ([[User talk:JStockman67|talk]]) 03:30, 7 June 2020 (UTC) :::I see it's already been mentioned to you, that the file names you are using don't follow the format of how the English user manual name the screenshots, to change them to the accepted format (<code>filename_{gramps version number}_{locale}.png</code> ) you should be able to move the wiki page to the new name . [[User:Daleathan|Daleathan]] ([[User talk:Daleathan|talk]]) 00:30, 4 February 2021 (UTC) ::: See: "Aide:Déplacement d'une page" :Sorry, I didn't remember this issue. I have changed. ==Screenshot for plugin manager!==FYI this screenshot ( ) is not the [ inbuilt plugin manager] that comes with Gramps. It is the third party addon [ Plugin Manager Enhanced]. [[User:Daleathan|Daleathan]] ([[User talk:Daleathan|talk]]) : OK ! I will have to change or try to recover the previous page: Done. How can I delete the screenshot I had uploaded yesterday ? ==General information regarding Screenshot for the user manual==I notice that in the following you have shown [] [] [] an [ third party addon] and a family tree (Kennedy's) that does not come with Gramps , the user manual should only show what Gramps is like without third party addons ( so make sure that when you screenshot no addons are loaded!) and instead of using the Kennedy family tree [[Translating_the_Gramps_User_manual#Recommendations|use]] the builtin Gramps version [[Example.gramps]] family tree for documentation only to keep the user and language version it is in pleasemanual consistent. [[User:JStockman67Daleathan|JStockman67Daleathan]] ([[User talk:JStockman67Daleathan|talk]]) 0900:0741, 3 June 2020 4 February 2021 (UTC)
Hello @ JStockman67: I didn't think to this addon.: And about this example family, I didn't know at all about that despite it is embedded in the Gramps directories ! Not obvious at all ! Very difficult to find these informations among all the different webpages. Il will change…
I didn't know about this rules for the photo.== Traduction Wiki en français ==Bonjour,
How can I change the name of the screenshots I have already uploaded ?Il n'y a pas de soucis.J'avais simplement essayé de maintenir une traduction de gramps et de son manuel pendant des années.95% des chaînes de traduction du programme sont traduites (+ quelques greffons supplémentaires).Il y a en général un peu plus de 4 à 5 % de nouvelles chaînes à traduire entre deux versions majeures.Je suis beaucoup moins présent depuis la branche 5.x de gramps...Effectivement on découvre de nombreuses fonctionnalités en traduisant de l'anglais au français.Je n'ai pas de formation "académique" de linguiste ou de traducteur, simplement une petite expérienced'utilisateur/contributeur. L'anglais de gramps est proche l'anglais technique et on remarque rapidement Thanksle style des auteurs... Bref, il faut un peu de souplesse et parfois accepter de ne pas coller à 100% à la forme du texte original. N'hésitez pas à référencer dans les catégories comme [ Fr:Documentation] et les [ Images]CordialementArverne73~~romjerome

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