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The problems: clarified a few details
** Only base + 7 in ISO 9660 level 1.
* Records covering several family names, like weddings and census records?
** Just In a directory with the coupletwo surnames alphabetically, separated by double underscore. ie: ''Lithgow__Schmidt/''s family names.
** Census is of the family, so goes into the dual name directory of the parents, not in an individuals sub directory.
* How should the record properties and directory names be limited so we don't cross the maximum path length restriction?
** No idea
* Single letter directory names, how do we stop them changing case?
** No idea
* Indicating unsure dates?
** ca = circa/ approximately, ie: ''--1810ca--'' or ''--1810-_09ca--** before = before, , ie: ''--1810before--'' or ''-_-ca1810-09before--
* Is it really necessary with the '-' between date parts? ie: why 1810-12-28 when it could be 18101228?
** One problem is if people forget to add a zero before single digit dates. With the dash we get 1810-01-22 or 1810-01-22 but without it if they forget the zero we get 1810122 which could mean 1810-01-22 or 1810-12-02. I say better safe than sorry.

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