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Writing your own form definitions: still optional
* <code>role</code> : The role that people in this section perform in the event. This value will appear in the "<code>Role</code>" column of events ("EventRoleType").
* <code>type</code> : The type of section. This defines how a section is displayed and people are selected. Allowed values are: '<code>person</code>' for a single person, '<code>multi</code>' for one or more people, or '<code>family</code>' for two people selected by a family.
* <code>title</code> : This An optional title which is used when displaying the section on the form and provides the only way to visually tell multiple sections apart. In a marriage you would have a "Husband", a "Wife" and possibly others such as "Witnesses".
<nowiki><section role='Primary' type='person' title='Child'></nowiki>

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