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Writing your own form definitions: the "I have been told" is not needed this is a wiki write in the third person as people don't know who you are
* <code>id</code> : A unique code to identify the form definition. You will use this code in the "Form" attribute of the source.
* <code>type</code>: The type of the event created by the form editor. This value will appear in the "<code>Type</code>" column of events ("EventType"). It would be wise to avoid standard ones, for example, to add death information you could specify "Death.Info" or another one you make up (I have been told that data Data loss is possible otherwise).
* <code>title</code> : A description of the form. As far as I know, anything goes here and I haven't seen it used anywhere.
* <code>date</code> : An optional date in a Gramps date format. This is only useful for census definitions or similar events that happen on a specific date.

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