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New Note editor dialog: clean note text for more terms consistency & natural phrasing
:* Some properties of your note
::* {{man label|Preformatted}} checkbox: Notes in Gramps are considered flowed reflowable to allow the content to conform to the report's page size and formatting for beautiful the most harmonious presentation in the reports. In this the default setting, newlines (linefeeds &amp; carriage returns) and white spaces will be automatically ignored so as to form complete paragraphs, which are defined by an empty line between two textblocks. <br />When {{man label|Preformatted}} is checked, Gramps will assume the whitespace and enters newlines you used in keyed into the notes are important. Use this ''Preformatted'' for tables, literal transcripts, and so forth... . Use Using a monospace font to will help keep preformattingcolumn widths &amp; margins predictable. <br />Try not to use preformatted if you do not need itunless absolutely necessary, the reports you create will be flow more beautifulnaturally.::* {{man button|Make public/private}} Privacy is the same as on the other objects. With one easy click, you can indicate a note as should be considered private so as to make sure you Gramps can remove this note from all output Gramps creates with one easy clickcreated.::* {{man label|ID:}} a unique id ID for the note. If left blank , an automatic id ID will be chosen generated according to the settings in the preferences.
<div id="note_type">
::* {{man label|Type:}} (<code>General</code> default) The note type. You can add your own value [[Gramps_Glossary#custom|custom Type]] by typing keyboarding itin directly. Adding a Note will automatically set the Type to match the object to which it is being added. (e.g. A note added to the Notes tab of the Person Editor will default to ''Person Note'' Type.)
:::Selectable Built-in Types include:

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