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Addon:Interactive Family Tree

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Updated addon description wording
This is something that is not obvious because what you see in the browser is a web application. Here is a technical description of how the addon works.
On the Gramps side, the addon exports saves a temporary file in GEDCOM file from your database format and runs a an HTTP server inside Gramps that can send out reads the GEDCOM file.
Then, the addon opens your browser pointing to a web application hosted on GitHub pages. The web application that contains a GEDCOM parser and viewer is loaded in your browser. It is a “single page application” that once it is loaded it does not require an Internet connection to work (this is why you can open it from the browser’s cache even with WiFi turned off). After the web application is loaded it loads reads the GEDCOM file from the HTTP server in Gramps. The data is only loaded into the browser’s memory and does not leave your computer. It is processed by JavaScript code to produce a visualization of the data.

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