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New Note editor dialog: insert the Note types
::* {{man button|Make public/private}} Privacy on the other objects, you can indicate a note as private so as to make sure you can remove this note from all output Gramps creates with one easy click.
::* {{man label|ID:}} a unique id for the note. If left blank an automatic id will be chosen according to the settings in the preferences
::* {{man label|Type:}} (<code>General</code> default) The note type. You can add your own value by typing it.:::Built-in Types include:::::* Citation::::* General ''(default)''::::* HTML code::::* Link::::* Person Note::::* Report::::* Research::::* Source text::::* To Do::::* Transcript::::* Unknown
::* {{man label|Tags:}} Select a Tag for the note: Complete, Todo etc... You can add your own Tags by typing it

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