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Note tab: clarify removing a share vs deleting a Note record
==== Note tab ====
The {{man label|Note}} tab is the place for adding notes to one of your peoplePeople, sourcesSources, etc. The tab allows you to order your re-sequence notes in the order you want to see them. As on the other tabs, you can add new notes(note) records, share existing notes with the another object you are working on and remove notes from this object (this . {{Man tip|'Remove' is not the same as 'Delete'|Removing a note record from the Note tab does ''not'' remove delete the note data from the family tree. It is remains present in the note Note category view afterward)afterwards but is no longer linked with the current object.
''Notes that are not linked to any object in the Tree may be found in the Notes view by searching for a zero count in the "'''Notes with a reference count of <count>'''" [[Filter#How_to_define_custom_filters|Custom filter]] rule.''}}
The Note tab has the following elements
:* A toolbar to apply styles to your notes. You can select and apply one of the toolbuttons, or set the values as you want and start typing.

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