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Multiple Surnames: link 'origin'
When Edit Persons {{man button|+ Use Multiple Surnames}} add button has been pressed, a new {{man label|Multiple Surnames}} section entry box will be shown, allowing compound surnames to be entered.
The Multiple Surnames feature might be used for patronymics or compound matrilineal-patrilinial names. Another variation would be a Scandinavian name like ‘Syver Ericksen Skotterud’ where the full name is composed of a forename (Syver), a reference to his father (Ericksen or son of Erick) together with a village or locality name. In such a case, you can add 'Ericksen' with an [[Names_in_Gramps#Origin_Attributes|Origin ]] of "Patronymic" and expand to a Multiple Surnames by adding 'Skotterud' with an Origin of "Location".
If you do not add any information in this section then, on the next open of the Edit Person dialog, it will be hidden. Any empty rows will not be saved.

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