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The [[File:Gramps-view.png|link=[[]]]] '''[[File:GrampsPseudonymTree(02Feb2020).gz|GrampsPseudonymTree(02Feb2020).gz]]''' file ideally will have an example of the various relationships in Gramps.
This is a standard Gramps backup file using the default gzip compression. Gramps would normally have a ''.gramps'' extension for these files but the wiki doesn't permit that extension for uploads. However, Gramps uses the typical gzip (GNU Zip archive, labeled with the extension ''.gz'') format files as its own archival format. So you can change the extension from ''.gz'' back to ''.gramps'' for full Gramps compatibility.
The GrampsPseudonymTree example is used to provide a predictable Tree environment for testing, for working through charting options & filter rules, and for experimenting.

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