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General: expand the Unknown & Custom descriptions for Event Role
For the {{man label|Role:}} of the person in this event, use the '''[[Gramps_Glossary#primary|Primary]]''''' (default during an Add Event) '' option for the main beneficiary, use . Use a descriptive role otherwise Event Role (eg., [[Gramps_Glossary#aide|Aide]], [[Gramps_Glossary#bride|Bride]], [[Gramps_Glossary#celebrant|Celebrant]], [[Gramps_Glossary#clergy|Clergy]], [[Gramps_Glossary#family_role|Family]], [[Gramps_Glossary#groom|Groom]], [[Gramps_Glossary#informant|Informant]], [[Gramps_Glossary#primary|Primary]],[[Gramps_Glossary#witness|Witness]], ) for a Events where the Person is not the Primary participant.  Events added to a Person via the Share or by drag'n'drop will be assigned the '''[[Gramps_Glossary#unknown|Unknown]]''' Event Role by default. If the Person holds an equal Role, set their Role to Primary as well. If none of the built-in Roles are appropriate, add a ''[[Gramps_Glossary#custom|custom]]'')Role by typing in the new Role name rather than selecting one from among those of the Role Pull-Down menu. Any added custom Roles will remain available in that menu unless the Tree is exported & re-imported or via a [[Third-party_Addons|3rd party addon]] Utility like [[Types_Cleanup_Tool|Type Cleanup]].

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