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Grouping Surnames

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Leveraging the Group As feature
I chose to bring the names together under “Carpenter”. With the Display name starting with the given name, this brings together every record regardless of the spelling of the name “Carpenter”, The names of “John Carpenter” are seen together with the names “John Zimmerman”.
{{man note|Examples made less subtle|The original example used the example of 'Clarke' and 'Clark' surnames.
This illustrated the subtly of Given names sorting but used the example of surnames that would normally be already adjacently sorted. The revised, more blatant example has Surnames that would be widely separated with a simple alphabetical sort. It more clearly presents the persistence of given names within an extended family that would not normally be obvious.
The original examples had more finesse but were too subtle.}}
In the reports that I use most when sharing with relatives (the [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_7#Narrated_Web_Site|Narrated]] and [[DynamicWeb_report|Dynamic Web]]), navigation by Surname or Individuals utilizes this grouping and all the Carpenter and Zimmerman individuals are grouped together. But the Surname heading was just the one name used in the grouping, “Carpenter”.

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