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Grouping Surnames

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See also: great explanation.
*based on the [ Gramps-users] archived threads:
:[ The Group As name override] <code>From: Dave Scheipers - 2019-03-20 20:33:51</code>
:[ Gramps-users - Name editor and search filter: clarification needed] - ''...the Group As key is not at all related with any name.
Suppose you want to quickly select a very tiny group of persons inhabiting a small isolated endogamic hamlet XYZZY. These people bear
the unique (not seen elsewhere) names of Hamsmith, Letthompson, Hamjones and Letjones.
You can give all this names the Grapup As key "XYZZY" and they will display together in the list.
Note my example is a bit contorted because you can select them from place name XYZZY. You can tranpose my example to a more sensible "King
Rex's descendants" key...''
:[ unify similar surmanes ??]
:[ threads with "Group As name"]

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