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Duncan's system: added my planned new system
./2008-03-11_4.gramps - there are often quite a few of these backups which I go through and put a couple in the ./Backups/ directory and throw the others out.
I don't think this system is so great so I'm working on improving it, see below. = Duncan's planned system = == The problems ==* Maximum number of subdirectories?** Only base + 7 in ISO 9660 level 1.* Records covering several family names, like weddings and census records?** Just the couple's family names.** Census is of the family, so goes into the dual name directory of the parents, not in an individuals sub directory. Let me know * How should the record properties and directory names be limited so we don't cross the maximum path length restriction?* Single letter directory names, how you would improve do we stop them changing case?* Indicating unsure dates?** ca = circa/ approximately, ie: --1810-_-_-ca--* Is it really necessary with the '-' between date parts? ie: why 1810-12-28 when itcould be 18101228?** One problem is if people forget to add a zero before single digit dates. With the dash we get 1810-01-[[User22 or 1810-01-22 but without it if they forget the zero we get 1810122 which could mean 1810-01-22 or 1810-12-02. I say better safe than sorry. == Problems in progress ==* When I want to work on one family with a small portable computer?** all folders need to under the family name directory, for families under a dual name directory, children under their own family name.* What about a family portrait not from a known event?** I think it's best to regard pictures of groups as an event, maybe event=gathering == Directory tree == The base directory is not shown. A name like Imported_2008-12-23 is recommended to record when the data was moved to this machine from some other machine. Directory naming rules:Duncan|DuncanNZ]] 15• Single letters should be lower case, but some windows filesystems will change this without warning. So don't rely on it.• Start words in directory names with capitals, this discourages file systems from changing the case.• Once a family starts (shared address, children or legal union) they join a dual family name directory, alphabetically sorted, ie:17, 22 July 2008 Jensen__Williams and not Williams__Jensen. <pre><first letter>/<family name>/<record type>/ <file> or <given name(EDTs)>/<file></pre>
= Jerome's system =

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