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Meaningful filenames

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What name-parts do we need?
To be simple enough to remember the system should not be too complicated, after all GRAMPS is meant to store the real information, this is just a supplement.
== What 's in a name-parts do we need? ==
It would be nice if we could have files called
Marriage of Mary Angus Jones and Matthew Williams, 2nd Dec 1923 (William Angus is to Mary's right).jpg
* Source
* Note
Some more important criteria. All file names:
* Must be unique
* Must have all necessary information
* Must have no more information than necessary
So if I find a file somewhere strange in my system, or if someone I sent a file to seven years ago says "that file you sent me - that's not Jean it's her daughter" I know where my archive copy of that file will be.
= GEDCOM based =

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