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Meaningful filenames

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GRAMPS ID based: cleaned up GRAMPS ID system
This is another attempt by [[User:Duncan|Duncan Lithgow]] to find a good system.
GRAMPS ID's use the first character to denote the type of item the ID refers to. This Taking the most relevant ones this could be converted to work in filenames.the following tags:
{| border="1"| '''I-! Marker! Description! GRAMPS ID equivalent|-''' Individual| '''P--''' Place| place| P|-| I--| individual| I|-| F--| family| F|-| '''E--''' Event| event| E|-| S--| source| '''S|-| O--| media object| O|-| R--''' Source| repository| R|-| '''N--| note| N|-|}''' Note
Extending this idea a bit with some more markers for firstname (FN--) and surname (SN--) we could get a filename likeclarity: E--marriage_SN--jones_FN--mary_angus_SN--williams_FN--matthew_DT--1923-12-02_N--william_angus_to_right_of_mary.jpg
This can store '''GN--''' Given name(s) '''SN--''' Surname '''DT--''' Date '''TL--''' Title ...and using the same information punctuation and sources as in the GEDCOM based schemaabove we get something workable. == An image file ==  E--marriage_SN--jones_GN--mary_angus_SN--williams_GN--matthew_DT--1923-12-02_N--william_angus_to_right_of_mary.jpg == A source image file ==  S--census_P--uk__england__london_DT--1840-03-21_I--mary-jean-jones.pdf == A source text ==  S--publication_TL--the_jones_family_from_1735_I--mary_jean_jones_DATE--1872.pdf

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