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{{Third-party plugin}}
__TOC__[[File:Media Report Example.png|thumb|right|450px|Meida Media Report - example output]] The '''{{man label|Media Report''' }} is a text report for images. The report allows custom headings and custom notes as well as the image data like notes, citations, tags, attributes and people references.
Once this plugin addon has been installed:
* Select Menu {{man menu|Reports > Text Reports -> Media Report...}}
* From the '''Undo history warning''' dialogue you can choose {{man button|Stop}} or {{man button|Proceed with the tool}}.
[[File:MediaReport_dialog.png|thumb|right|450px|Meida Media Report - Option dialog]]
* The '''{{man label|Options''' }} tab is displayed with the following:** {{man label|Heading: }} The heading for the report.** {{man label|Media: }} The media/image file for the report.** {{man label|Custom Note: }} A custom note selector for this report.** {{man label|[ ] Include custom note: }} If checked the selected custom note will be added.** {{man label|[ ] Include referenced people: }} If checked people referenced on the image will be added to the report.** {{man label|[ ] Include media data: }} If checked the media data (attributes, tags, citations) will be added to the report.
Once you have made your choices, you can either choose {{man button|Close}} or {{man button|Execute}} to apply the report generation.
* {{bug|11492}} Media Report reduces image quality

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