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Rollover for the manual

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Rolling over the Gramps user manual
#Use grep to find only the pages with <code>5.x</code> in the title: ''<code>grep "5\.x" myfile.txt > mynewfile.txt</code>'' The backslash will make the full stop a literal rather than trying to be part of a regular expression.
#Use a text editor to view the new file, and delete any pages that you don't want to roll over (That is, some pages may refer to <code>5.x</code> in the title, but are not pages that we want duplicated into <code>5.z</code>...)
#Go to the {{man label|wiki menu: [[Special:Export|Tools > Special pages > Export pages]]}} and Copy/paste the new list of page titles into the wiki export using toolbox, Special {{man label|Add pages, Export pages and create the xml to screen. manually:}} section then {{man menu|Be sure box the checkbox is ticked for {{man label|Include only the current revision, not the full history is ticked.}}}} and then to create the xml to screen press the {{man label|Export}} button.
#Copy/paste the xml into a text processor and use search/replace to replace <code>5.x</code> with <code>5.z</code>
#Save the file (I'll call it <code>export.xml</code> for this example).

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