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Translating Gramps

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Translating wiki manual
==Translating wiki manual==
To have enable the weblink for help when pressing the link working {{man button|F1}} button in the Grampsprogram, you need to have or edit the file <code>MANUALS</code> variable to contain your language.On line 30 of that file, you seecode locale in the:
[] file for Gramp 4.x or greater
or file for Gramps 3.x or earlier
On approximately line 41 of that file, you may see:
#list of manuals on wiki, map locale code to wiki extension, add language codes
#completely, or first part, so pt_BR if Brazilian portugeze wiki manual, and
#nl for Dutch (nl_BE, nl_NL language code)
'nl' : '/nl',
This maps These entries map a language code to the extension used on the wiki, so to add french, change this too:

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