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Addon:Forms Gramplet

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Forms Gramplet
The Forms Gramplet lists all the events for the active person that can be edited using the form editor. The listing displays the source, date and place of the event together with the role the active person performs in the event.
A new event can be created by clicking the {{man button|New}} button at the bottom of the {{man label|Forms Gramplet}} which will show you the {{man label|[[Form_Addons#Form_Selector|Select Form]]}} selector dialog where you can choose the form to use. Once you select a form you will be taken to the {{man label|[[Form_Addons#Form_Editor|Form Editor]]}}.
An existing event can be edited either by highlighting a row and clicking the {{man button|Edit}} button or by double-clicking on a rowto bring up the the {{man label|[[Form_Addons#Form_Editor|Form Editor]]}}.
[[File:Forms Gramplet.png]]

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