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A report
完成的的时候点击{{man button|OK}}来保存。然后你会回到之前的“关系”视图。在这个视图中你可以导航到其它成员,并继续录入家庭树。
== A report 报告(报表) ==Now that you have a first small family tree, make a report. Go to the oldest grandparent you have in the relationship view or the person view (you can set bookmarks on people and set a home person!). With this person selected, go in the menu 现在你已经有了你的第一个小小的家庭树,是时候创建一个报告了。在关系视图或成员视图中选中第一代人(你可以添加到书签中或设置主人公!)。点击菜单{{man menu|Reports报告->Text Reports文字报告->Detailed descendant report后代报告}}, to create a nice textual descendant report.来创建它。
== What next?==

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