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不要忘了录入信息来源。点击{{man button|来源}}项,选择你的信息来源。然后点击{{man button|OK}}按钮来保存来源和地点。
Note that the editor that has been open is the Event ''Reference'' Editor. This means that there is a global part that you can share with other people (the bottom of the editor), and a top part which is unique to the person. This top part is used to enter the 注意编辑器在“共享信息”下面有一栏叫做“参照”。这意味着这个信息可以共享给其它人。在上半部分是只针对当前成员。这个部分用来录入这个成员在这个事件中的{{man label|Role角色身份}} of the person in the event. In your own birth, you have the primary role. If you know the name of people helping in the birth, and you want to store these people also, you can share this event with them, with a Role of ''Aide''. You can type a custom role in the {{man label|Role}} field if you are not happy with the predefined possibilities.。你的出生事件中,你是primary(主要)身份。如果你知道你出生时的其它人员,并想录入他们的资料。你可以在这里用“助手、副官”的角色身份来录入他们。你也可以手动输入你自己想要的角色身份名称。
Again, add a source to the event via the 同时,和以前一样在{{man label|Sources来源}} tab, like you did before. As you have no real recollection of your own birth, the interview should not have confidence 'Very High'! You would need to add a birth document as source for that.中录入信息来源。因为你并不能想起你出生时候的事,那“可信度”不要选择“很高”。你可以用出生证当成一个信息”来源“。
When done, click 点击{{man button|OK}} to save the event, and then again to save the person, and you have your first full person record.按钮来保存事件,接着再保存这个成员。这样你就完成了第一个成员的完整资料录入。
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