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不要忘了录入信息来源。点击{{man button|来源}}项,选择你的信息来源。然后点击{{man button|OK}}按钮来保存来源和地点。
Note that the editor that has been open is the Event ''Reference'' Editor. This means that there is a global part that you can share with other people (the bottom of the editor), and a top part which is unique to the person. This top part is used to enter the 注意编辑器在“共享信息”下面有一栏叫做“参照”。这意味着这个信息可以共享给其它人。在上半部分是只针对当前成员。这个部分用来录入这个成员在这个事件中的{{man label|Role角色身份}} of the person in the event. In your own birth, you have the primary role. If you know the name of people helping in the birth, and you want to store these people also, you can share this event with them, with a Role of ''Aide''. You can type a custom role in the {{man label|Role}} field if you are not happy with the predefined possibilities.。你的出生事件中,你是primary(主要)身份。如果你知道你出生时的其它人员,并想录入他们的资料。你可以在这里用“助手、副官”的角色身份来录入他们。你也可以手动输入你自己想要的角色身份名称。
Again, add a source to the event via the 同时,和以前一样在{{man label|Sources来源}} tab, like you did before. As you have no real recollection of your own birth, the interview should not have confidence 'Very High'! You would need to add a birth document as source for that.中录入信息来源。因为你并不能想起你出生时候的事,那“可信度”不要选择“很高”。你可以用出生证当成一个信息”来源“。
When done, click 点击{{man button|OK}} to save the event, and then again to save the person, and you have your first full person record.按钮来保存事件,接着再保存这个成员。这样你就完成了第一个成员的完整资料录入。
== Family 家庭 ==You now have entered yourself, time to add your parents. You could add your father and mother as you added yourself, and then connect them in a family, but most people will do things in one go via the {{icon|rela}}'''Relationship View''' or the {{icon|ance}}'''Pedigree View'''. Let's go to the Relationship view: select yourself in the person view, and then in the navigator, select the relationship view. This view has a toolbar that allows to add parents or to add a spouse. Click on the {{man button|Add parents}} icon to open the family editor.
In the family editor you will see that you are present in the 你已经录入了你自己的个人信息,是时候添加你的父母信息了。你可以像录入你自己的信息一样来录入你的父亲和母亲,然后把他们连接起来一个家庭。但是大多数人通过{{man labelicon|Childrenrela}} tab. Use the “关系”或{{man buttonicon|Addance}} icon next to father and mother to add them as you have added yourself. Use the “图表”视图来完成。让我们使用“关系”视图:在成员视图中选中你自己,然后在左侧导航栏点击{{man buttonicon|Addrela}} icon in the “关系”。这个视图中的工具栏可以让你添加父母或配偶。点击{{man labelbutton|Children新增一对父母}} tab to add your siblings. You need to use drag-and-drop to sort siblings in the order as you want them to appear in reports (normally oldest to youngest I suppose). 图标来打开家庭编辑器。
In the family editor you can also add events. We call these family events as they are shared by the two parents. Typically this is Engagement, Marriage, .... In these the Role is 'Family'. It is not needed to add these events also individually to the two parents! 在家庭编辑器你会看见你自己在"子女“一栏中。点击加号{{man button|新增}}图标来录入你父母的资料。你也可以在”子女“一样点击加号图标来录入你兄弟姐妹的资料。你可以拖动你兄弟姐妹的名字来改变他们在报表中显示的顺序(比如从大到小排序)
When done, click {{man button|OK}} to save the family, and you will return to the relationship view with all the extra information visible. From within this view you can navigate to other people and keep enlarging your family tree.在家庭编辑器中你也可以添加事件。我们把父母共有的事件称之为家庭事件。比如订婚,结婚。。。这时候的角色是“家庭”。并没有必要给父母两人分别单独录入这些事件。
== A report ==Now that you have a first small family tree, make a report. Go to the oldest grandparent you have in the relationship view or the person view (you can set bookmarks on people and set a home person!). With this person selected, go in the menu 完成的的时候点击{{man menubutton|Reports->Text Reports->Detailed descendant reportOK}}, to create a nice textual descendant report.来保存。然后你会回到之前的“关系”视图。在这个视图中你可以导航到其它成员,并继续录入家庭树。
== What next?报告(报表) ==Gramps has many features, as you improve, take the time to go over the manual and learn more. Use the mailing list to discuss issues. 现在你已经有了你的第一个小小的家庭树,是时候创建一个报告了。在关系视图或成员视图中选中第一代人(你可以添加到书签中或设置主人公!)。点击菜单{{man menu|报告->文字报告->后代报告}}来创建它。
== Related articles 接下来做什么?== Gramps有很多功能,你可以花点时间在用户手册上来学习如何使它。使用邮件列表来讨论各种问题。 == 其它相关阅读 ==
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==Screencasts演示录像==* [[Media:Edit family from pedigree view Gramps 3.2.5.ogg|Edit family (parents, children, siblings) from Pedigree View如何在图表视图中编辑一个家庭(父母,子女及兄弟姐妹]]* [[Media:Add_family_from_pedigree_view_Gramps_3.2.5.ogg|Add family (parents, children, siblings) from Pedigree View如何在图表视图中新增一个家庭(父母,子女及兄弟姐妹]]
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