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点击所有{{man button|OK}}来保存你刚刚录入的数据,直到你看到Gramps的主窗口。
== Events 事件 ==
Next, you will want to add your birthday. For this, open the person editor of yourself, by double clicking on your name. Note that the 接下来你想录入你的生日。双击你的名字来打开成员编辑器。注意下半部分默认显示{{man label|Events事件}} tab is open. Click on the {{man button|Add}} icon to add an event. Gramps preselects the birth event for the first event that you want to add. Enter your birth date as: (12/31/1900 - Month/Day/Year) or (1 Jan 1900 - Day Month Year). If you use Day Month Year, the Month must be entered with the first 3 letters only or it must be spelled out completely.。点击加号图标(新增一个成员事件)。Gramps默认第一个事件是出生。输入你的出生日期。
You can also click on the 你也可以点击右边{{man button|Calendar日期编辑器}} button on the right. This window allows you to select the Day Month and Year with a drop-down menu. When using this make sure that the Quality is set to Regular and Type is also set to Regular. After entering your birth date in the calendar window, click on 按钮。在弹出窗口中选择你的出生日期。注意类别保持默认“规则的”,Quality保持默认“只限文本”。点击{{man button|OK}} to save it.保存。
Next, because you have no Places in your database you need to create one. Knowing the place where you were born, click on the 你的数据库中还没有录入过地点。点击{{man button|Add新增一个地点}} icon after the Place entry to create this place. Enter places as City/Town, Township, County, State, Country or any combination of these. Such as Germantown, German Township (Twp), Montgomery County (Co.), Ohio, USA. Being consistent when adding places will be helpful later when you can select these from the 图标来打开弹出窗口。以后你可以使用{{man button|Select an existing place选择一个现有地址}} icon. Adding latitude and longitude will allow these places to be positioned on a map later.。如果你同时录入经纬度的话可以方便以后在地图上显示它们。
Don't forget to Source this. Click the 不要忘了录入信息来源。点击{{man button|Source来源}} tab, open the '''Clipboard''', drag and drop your source, select the Confidence level, and save both the Source and then the new place with the 项,选择你的信息来源。然后点击{{man button|OK}} buttons.按钮来保存来源和地点。
Note that the editor that has been open is the Event ''Reference'' Editor. This means that there is a global part that you can share with other people (the bottom of the editor), and a top part which is unique to the person. This top part is used to enter the {{man label|Role}} of the person in the event. In your own birth, you have the primary role. If you know the name of people helping in the birth, and you want to store these people also, you can share this event with them, with a Role of ''Aide''. You can type a custom role in the {{man label|Role}} field if you are not happy with the predefined possibilities.

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