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Comment je récupère mon arbre familial

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# Notez le nom de l'"Arbre familial" que vous souhaitez récupérer, depuis le "Gestionnaire d'arbres".
# Fermez le programme Gramps.
# Localisez le [[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_User_Directory/fr|Répertoire utilisat(eur/rice)User Directorylocal]] d'après votre configuration et système.
# Locate the <code>grampsdb</code> folder under your User Directory (''Also known as folders on some operating systems.[]'')
# Under the <code>grampsdb</code> folder are stored all your "Family Tree" databases each in separate directories (eg:If you have 10 Family Trees you will have 10 folders each with an automatically created system generated folder name), locate the database you are trying to recover by opening <code>name.txt</code> file in a text editor and seeing if the name matches the Family Tree you are trying to recover. If it does match, make note of the directory name.

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