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Comment je récupère mon arbre familial

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=== I have backup gbkp files ===
If you have a backup, you can try to recover the backup <code>.gbkp</code> files. Do the following steps:
The procedure to recover your data from <code>.gbkp</code> files is:
# Make note of the "Family Tree" name you are trying to recover, from the "Family Tree Manager".
# Close the Gramps program.
# Locate your [[Gramps_4.1_Wiki_Manual_-_User_Directory|User Directory]] dependent on your operating systems.
# Locate the <code>grampsdb</code> folder under your User Directory (''Also known as folders on some operating systems.[]'')
# Under the <code>grampsdb</code> folder are stored all your "Family Tree" databases each in separate directories (eg:If you have 10 Family Trees you will have 10 folders each with an automatically created system generated folder name), locate the database you are trying to recover by opening <code>name.txt</code> file in a text editor and seeing if the name matches the Family Tree you are trying to recover. If it does match, make note of the directory name.
# {{man menu|If that folder contains <code>.gbkp</code> files, you can continue your attempt to recover the Family Tree.}}
# Copy all the <code>.gbkp</code> files to a new directory that you must create in your database <code>grampsdb</code> directory, eg. give the directory a unique name ''<code>a1111</code>''
# From the original Family tree directory copy the <code>name.txt</code> file to the new directory you created.
# In the new directory open <code>name.txt</code> in a text editor and change the content to a unique name. eg: '''Family Tree 1''' to '''Family Tree 1 recovery attempt'''
# In the new directory create a file with name '''<code>need_recover</code>''' . {{man menu|Mind the underscore and the lack of an extension}}. The content of that file is unimportant. (Are you using Microsoft Windows and having difficulty creating this file then see {{bug|8665#c44245}} for a possible work around)
# Start the Gramps program.
# Select the family tree with the name you adjusted in step 9 eg. '''Family Tree 1 recovery attempt''' {{man label|(Do not double click on the family tree name)}}. There should be a red stop sign next to that family tree name.
# Select the {{man button|Repair}} button and the {{man label|Repair Family Tree?}} dialog will show, at this point select the {{man button|Proceed, I have taken a backup}} button or you can select {{man button|Stop}} to exit the repair attempt.
# The Gramps program will attempt to repair and recover the family tree and if successful the red stop sign should disappear.
# From the Family Tree manager select the repaired family tree and you should be able to {{man button|Load Database}} the family tree.
# From the menu select {{man menu|Family Trees > Make Backup..}} and create a backup as insurance.
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