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Der resultierende Ort wird mit Längen- und Breitengrad geladen. Note that the Place Type is in the same language as the Place. Beachte die ID ist die GOV-Kennung und nicht die Standard Pxxxx Nummerierung. If you use the Reorder Gramps IDs tool, it will change the ID to the default Pxxx numbering. Later use of this gramplet may import duplicate items (with different ID) since the Gramps ID is no longer the GOV-id and duplicates will not be identified. For instance, if you import FROSENJN48KK and then use the Reorder Gramps ID tool to reset the Gramps ID, if you reimport FROSENJN48KK or any other GOV place that is already imported, you will have duplicate places for every item imported.

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