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Gramps for Windows with MSYS2

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Building and updating MSYS2/MinGW packages
mkdir ~/build
To prevent pacman to upgrade packages we rebuilt for our needs we can assign them to group '''gramps_fixed''' and add them to IgnoreGroup list.Open in text editor file ''etc/pacman.conf'' (C:\MSYS2\etc\pacman.conf) and add line ''IgnoreGroup =gramps_fixed'' to ''options'' section.<pre>[options]IgnoreGroup =gramps_fixed</pre>=OsmGpsMap==db===GrampsAIO uses Oracle Berkeley DB version 6.0.30 but MSYS2 have it at version 6.0.19 and most probably never update it to a newer version.<br>Gramps will ask permission to downgrade database version at import of any family tree created with GrampsAIO bundle. To prevent that build right version of DB.<br>Start ''msys2 shell'' and type:<pre>cd ~/buildsvn checkout mingw-w64-dbMINGW_INSTALLS=mingw64 makepkg-mingw -sLfpacman -U mingw-w64-x86_64-db-6.0.30-1-any.pkg.tar.xz</pre>===bsddb3===As db version is changed then we have to rebuild Python bindings for Oracle Berkeley DB<br>From ''msys2 shell'':<pre>cd ~/buildsvn checkout mingw-w64-python-bsddb3MINGW_INSTALLS=mingw64 makepkg-mingw -sLfpacman -U mingw-w64-x86_64-python3-bsddb3-6.1.0-3.1-any.pkg.tar.xz</pre>===gtk3===* TODO===graphviz===* TODO===osmgpsmap===
As of 2017.03.21 package mingw-w64-osmgpsmap-git (r443.c24d08d-1) is outdated due to changes in MINGW-packages repository so Gramps GeoView will fail to work.
<br>We will rebuild him!

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