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old disussion
Il n'y a que la fenêtre d'ouverture de l'arbre qui apparait correctement avec la méthode consistant à donner le chemin de
There is only the first windowin french when you use the method which consist of providing the path to
avec \..\..\ le chemin de
Soit, avec l'installation par défaut: C:\Program Files\gramps\lang\fr\LC_MESSAGES
--[[User:Pimorel|Pimorel]] 17:52, 4 May 2008 (EDT)
There is still a problem without translation ?
On an eee PC and Windows XP.
Seems to run [[Gramps_on_the_Eee|fine]] on an eee PC and Xandros, in english.
Translations strings may be longer but do not deal with windows' widths.
True, it is an OS issue. How to set config keys (Gconf->INI) for windows' widths on Windows XP ... I don't know !
--[[User:Romjerome|romjerome]] 5 May 2008

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