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# Start Gramps
# Select "Export" from the menu {{man menu|Family Trees menu->Export...}}# Select {{man button|Next}} on the {{man label|Saving your data}} window.# Select "'''Comma Separated Values Spreadsheet (CSV)"''' on the {{man label|Choose the output format}} window# On the {{man label|Export options}} window.## In the top section which filters to apply to your family tree# Select # From the checkboxes select which items to include in the export (people, marriages, familieschildren, and/or places)and whether to Translate headers into the language you are using. {{stub}}<!--add image with options shown-->
A selected set of fields of your genealogy data will be saved to a .csv file in the format described below. In addition, the people and families are referenced so that the data can be edited and read back in, thereby updating the database.
There are some columns that will be blank, specifically note and source columns. These are listed in the spreadsheet so that you can make notes for the import, but notes are never exported with this tool. '''{{man note|From Gramps 3.3 |you can now export source titles; previously no source data was exported.'''}}
Your data is broken up into four sections representing places, individuals, marriages, and children. The exported fields and column names are:

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