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Translating Gramps

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Translating messages
* Copy <code>gramps.pot</code> to the file named <code>lang.po</code>, according to the language you are translating into (<code>fr.po</code> for French, <code>ru.po</code> for Russian, etc.)
* Use [ GTtranslator] (GNOME, windows), [ KBabel] (KDE), [ Lokalize] (KDE, windows), Emacs po-mode, [ Virtaal] (GNU/Linux, Mac, windows), [ poedit] (GNU/Linux, OSX, windows), or any similar tool designed for translating <code>.po</code> files. If you do not like any of these tools, you can use any text editor to translate messages. If using vim, properly setting the "langmap" option will significantly speed up your work.
* Even though GRAMPS Gramps uses UNICODE (UTF-8) for its character set, you may use your native character set for your translation. Just make sure you specify the character set you are using in the <code>Content-Type</code> line in the <code>.po</code> file. Gramps will handle the conversion to UNICODE.
* If there are non ASCII characters in the original English string, try to preserve them by copying them, if applicable.

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