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Instructions on creating the Debian package for Ubuntu
* Check out the necessary version; for example, to build the <tt>.deb</tt> file for GRAMPS {{version}}, you'll want to run:
git clone Gramps
git checkout <tag> -b <new_branch_name>
* Create the Changelog files:
  git log gramps-3.4.2v{{version}}.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges | git2cl > ChangeLog git log gramps-3.4.2v{{version}}.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges -- po/*.po | git2cl > po/ChangeLog Using the <tt>Changelog</tt> files generated with <tt>git2cl</tt>, Modify <tt></tt> + include ChangeLog + include po/ChangeLog
* The details on how things are going to be packaged into deb files, what are the dependencies, the pre- and post- install and removal scripts etc are under <tt>debian/</tt> directory. Please refer to the [ Debian New Maintainers' Guide] for further details.

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