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Database Query API

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("primary_name.first_name", "LIKE", "J%")]],
order_by=[("gramps_id", "ASC")])
== API ==
There are three items one can specify
* select fields
* where
* order_by
== Implementation ==
With BSDDB, Gramps has a pipeline design when it comes to accessing the data. For example, consider getting the People for the flat view. First we get a cursor that iterates over the data. Then we sort it, on whatever criteria we have requested. Finally, we filter the data.
In order to make this operation faster for DB-API, we need to know the filter information, and sort order when we ask for the data. With SQL we can simply add WHERE clauses and ORDER BY clauses to the basic SELECT statement. But these are only useful if we can have indexes on the relevant data.
This is made more difficult because Gramps uses a hierarchical representation of data. For example, we might wish to have the People data sorted by "surname, given" of the primary_name. But that information is actually in:
To interactively test it out, you can try these methods with a regular BSDDB database, but you won't see any speed enhancements. To see it work fast, you'll need a DBAPI database built from the latest addons-source/DBAPIBackend. The new webapp takes search text and turns it into a SQL statement directly for seeing the speed and flexibility of the functionality.
== Speed Tests ==
In this stringified field-based API, we would write code as follows. Consider that we want to select the handle of all people whose surname is "Smith", given name starts with a "J", and ordered by gramps_id. We would write:

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