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{{man note| Aanpassen van kolommen |aanpassen van de kolommen kan in alle schermen en werkt overal op dezelfde manier.}}
[[File:People-categoryPeopleCategory-sidebar-filter-enabled-4250.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig. 2.4. Controle van de filters wordt getoond ]]
{{man note | Spouse |We use the term spouse for sake of simplicity. However, please note that spouse may in fact be a domestic partner, a partner in a civil union, or various other similar relationships between two people. Spouse relationships are not required to be only between a male and female.}}
[[File:Reorder-relationshipsReorderRelationships-dialog-4250.png|right|thumb|150px| Fig.2.x Relation reordering]]
You may add a family by selecting the '''Add Spouse''' in the toolbar. This will create a new family with the Active Person listed as a father or mother.

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