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{{man note|New feature since Gramps 3.3|Previously, sources were not exported, but now they are. Sources are referred to by their title text. You can add further details to a source after importing.}}
{{man note|New feature since Gramps 4.2.1|Now you can export and import place information. Also, you can refer to places in marriage and person sections by using a "place id". See below for more details.}}
There are three main uses for this format:
Your data is broken up into four sections representing individuals, marriages, children, and places. The exported fields and column names are:
;Individuals: Person, Lastname, Firstname, Callname, Suffix, Prefix, Title, Gender, Birthdate, Birthplace(or Birthplaceid), Birthsource, Baptismdate, Baptismplace(or Baptismplaceid), Baptismsource, Deathdate, Deathplace(or Deathplaceid), Deathsource, Burialdate, Burialplace(or Burialplaceid), Burialsource, NoteoteNote
;Marriages: Marriage, Husband, Wife, Date, Place(or Placeid), Source, Note
;Families: Family, Child
;Places: PlacesPlace, Title, Name, Type, Latitude, Longitude, Code, Enclosed_by, Date
The first column in each area is the Gramps ID. That is what will tie your edits back to the correct data, so don't alter those data. Load this file into your favorite spreadsheet using comma separated, double-quote text delimited, and Text format (any encoding for now). Then you can add or correct data, and save it back out, keeping the same format. You can then import the data back on top of your old data and it will be corrected.
birthdate - date of birth
birthplace - place of birth
birthplaceid - place id of birth
birthsource - source title for birth
baptismdate - date of baptism
baptismplace - place of baptism
baptismplaceid - place id of baptism
baptismsource - source title of baptism
grampsid - give a particular gramps id
deathdate - date of death
deathplace - place of death
deathplaceid - place id of death
deathsource - source title for death
deathcause - cause of death
burialdate - date of burial
burialplace - place of burial
burialplaceid - place id of burial
burialsource - source title of baptism
date - the date of the marriage
place - the place of the marriage
placeid - the place id of the marriage
source - source title of the marriage
note - a note about the marriage/wedding

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