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Technical details on how the Gramps wiki [[User manual]] is update for each release. == Rolling over the Gramps user manual ==On this page, <code>3.x </code> refers to the 'old' (current) version of the manual - <code>3.z </code> refers to the new, to be created, version...#Use phpmyadmin to backup all of the wiki tables!#Locate all pages on the wiki that have 3.x in the title - from the wiki: toolbox, Special pages, All pages to get a full list of wiki pages. #Copy/paste it into text processor - it is in three columns separated by tabs. Use regular expression search/replace to replace tabs with carriage returns. Using GEDIT, best to replace <code>\t </code> with <code>\n </code> rather than <code>\r</code>. You now have a list of all files on the wiki, one title per line. Save it as a text file (I'll call it <code>myfile.txt </code> for this example).#Use grep to find only the pages with <code>3.x </code> in the title: ''<code>grep "3\.x" myfile.txt > mynewfile.txt</code>'' The backslash will make the full stop a literal rather than trying tobe to be part of a regular expression.
#Use a text editor to view the new file, and delete any pages that you don't want to roll over (That is, some pages may refer to 3.x in the title, but are not pages that we want duplicated into 3.z...)
#Copy/paste the new list of page titles into the wiki export using toolbox, Special pages, Export pages and create the xml to screen. Be sure box for Include only the current revision, not the full history is ticked.
We need to know if we keep the {number of version} or if we use the new one on migration (3.1->3.2->4.0->15.0...) ?
===See also===
* [[User manual]]

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