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Recover corrupted family tree

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{{man warn|Obsolete Information|This troubleshooting documentation is oriented around a superseded dependency in Gramps. Reliance on the BSDDB database engine was removed in the 5.1 release.}}
Explanation of '''family tree''' and '''[[Recover_corrupted_family_tree#Version_2.2.x:_GRDB_corruption |GRDB]] corruption''', how to recover from it, and how to avoid it in the future.
== Family Tree corruption ==
=== What causes this corruption? ===
Not really known.  However, [[Template:Releases/2.2.10|Gramps version 2.2.x]] made family tree Database corruption with family trees is however far less likely than with the previous format of storing your family tree Gramps version 2.2.x uses* See {{bug|8875}} Database corruption bugs
=== How do you know about it? ===
=== What to do now? ===
[[File:Dbmanager07FamilyTreesManager-Dialog-ShowingRedErrorStatusIcon-Sample-50.png|400px450px|right|thumb|Family Trees (Manager) - Dialog - Showing Red Error Status Icon for "Sample" Family Tree]]
'''It is advisable not to click the [[Database_Formats#Repairing_a_Corrupt_Database|repair button]] right away.''' It should work, but Gramps might believe an error is present while this is in reality not true. Repairing your tree then will lead to loss of the last typed changes.
====Windows OS====
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# download Oracle tools on:
# From the original Family tree directory copy the <code>name.txt</code> file to the new directory you created.
# In the new directory open <code>name.txt</code> in a text editor and change the content to a unique name. eg: '''Family Tree 1''' to '''Family Tree 1 recovery attempt'''
# In the new directory create a file with name '''<code>need_recover</code>''' . {{man menu|Mind the underscore and the lack of an extension}}. The content of that file is unimportant.(Are you using Microsoft Windows and having difficulty creating this file then see {{bug|8665#c44245}} for a possible work around)# Start the Gramps, click on program.# Select the family tree with the name you adjusted in step 9eg. '''Family Tree 1 recovery attempt''' {{man label|(Do not double click on the family tree name)}}. There should be a red stop sign with next to that filenamefamily tree name. Click on # Select the {{man button|Repair}} button and the {{man label|Repair Family Tree?}} dialog will show, at this point select the {{man button|RecoverProceed, I have taken a backup}} buttonor you can select {{man button|Stop}} to exit the repair attempt. # The Gramps program will attempt to repair and recover the family tree and if successful the red stop sign should disappear . # From the Family Tree manager select the repaired family tree and you should be able to load that {{man button|Load Database}} the family tree.# From the menu select {{man menu|Family Trees > Make Backup..}} and create a backup as insurance.
=== Implement more security ===
Trying to open a family tree after a downgrade is not supported. You will obtain an error that the database is created with a newer version.
=== Oracle Berkeley DB Command Line Utilities ===
Use "<code>db_recover -cv</code>" for more verbose output.
dbdump dumps database in text format and dbload use that:
<code>db_dump database.db > dump.txt</code>
<code>db_load database.db < dump.txt</code>
Your log sequence number is out of sync so you need to reset them:
<code>db_load -r lsn database.db < dump.txt</code>
See [][]
== Version 2.2.x: GRDB corruption ==
Also, use XML format for any data migration. Moving to another machine, sending data to grandma, copying to another user on the same machine -- all of these cases should use XML.
{{languages|Recover_corrupted_family_tree}}==See also==* [[How to make a backup]]
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