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Plugins Command Line

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The center person for the filter
I4 Smith, Ingeman
I18 Smith, John Hjalmar
I38 Hansdotter, Kerstina
I39 Smith, Martin
I28 Streiffert, Anna
I40 Smith, Marjorie Alice
I22 Smith, Martin
I11 Smith, Hanna
I41 Green, Janis Elaine
I15 Smith, Gus
I8 Smith, Hjalmar
I3 Smith, Magnes
I5 Smith, Mason Michael
I10 Smith, Hans Peter
I24 Smith, Gustaf Sr.
I20 Smith, Carl Emil
I17 Jones, Lillie Harriet
I23 Smith, Astrid Shermanna Augusta
I1 Smith, Keith Lloyd
I37 Smith, Edwin Michael
I19 Smith, Eric Lloyd
I25 Ericsdotter, Marta
I29 Smith, Craig Peter
I2 Smith, Amber Marie
I33 Smith, Lloyd
I32 Horne, Darcy
I26 Smith, Kirsti Marie
I35 Smith, Lars Peter
I30 Adams, Janice Ann
I0 Hansdotter, Anna
I31 Ohman, Marjorie
I12 Nielsen, Herman Julius
I9 Smith, Emil
I27 Smith, Ingeman
I36 Jefferson, Elna
I21 Smith, Hjalmar
I34 Perkins, Alice Paula
I14 Smith, Marjorie Lee
I7 Smith, Ingar
I6 Willard, Edwin
I16 Anderson, Jennifer
I13 Michaels, Evelyn
Value: ''Any valid pathname''
===Reorder GRAMPS Gramps IDs===

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