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via Distutils
===via Distutils===
source Samples :
Sample for creating a debian harmattan (MeeGo 1.2) binary package:  <code>import os import stdeb.util as util from shutil import copy from stdeb.command.sdist_dsc import sdist_dsc from distutils.core import Command __all__ = ['bdist_hdeb'] class bdist_hdeb(Command): description = 'distutils command to create debian harmattan binary package' # [ aegis], UAC, [* UOA], [ GOA], etc ... user_options = [ ("aegis-manifest=", None, 'aegis manifest to use') ] boolean_options = []  def initialize_options (self): self.aegis_manifest = None  def finalize_options (self): pass  def run(self): # generate .dsc source pkg self.run_command('sdist_dsc')  # execute system command and read output (execute and read output of find cmd) dsc_tree = 'deb_dist' target_dir = None for entry in os.listdir(dsc_tree): fulldir = os.path.join(dsc_tree,entry) if os.path.isdir(fulldir): if target_dir is not None: raise ValueError('more than one directory in deb_dist. ' 'Unsure which is source directory') else: target_dir = fulldir if target_dir is None: raise ValueError('could not find debian source directory') # inject custom logic to dh_builddeb (build digsigsums before and add aegis manifest after) DEBNAME = self.distribution.get_name()+'_'+self.distribution.get_version()+'*_all.deb' rules = open(target_dir+'stdeb/debianblob/rules', 'a') rules.write('override_dh_builddeb:\n\tpython ..master/../ '+self.distribution.get_name()+\ '\n\tdh_builddeb') if self.aegis_manifest is not None: # MeeGo 1.2 rules.write('\n\tar q ../'+DEBNAME+' _aegis') rules.write('\n\n') rules.close()  # make aegis manifest avaiable to debian/rules # MeeGo 1.2 if self.aegis_manifest is not None: copy(self.aegis_manifest, target_dir+'stdeb/_aegis') # define system command to execute (gen .deb binary pkg) syscmd = ['dpkg-buildpackage','-rfakeroot','-uc','-b']  util.process_command(syscmd,cwd=target_dir)</code> source: *

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