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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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=== MS Windows ===
MS Windows is a [[Download#Comunity_supported|community supported]] platform. If you install the [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows|Windows AIO]] GrampsAIO32 or GrampsAIO64 executable, then this will place an icon on the desktop as well as a menu iten in the 'Start' menu.
What is the best way of knowing what command to type?
=== Mac OS X ===
Mac OS X is a [[Download#Comunity_supported|community supported]] platform. If you download the Mac OS X disk image (.dmg), then you simply drag the application to your application folder (or anywhere else you want to store it) and start Gramps by double clicking on the application in the normal way.
To run from the command line, you'll need to start Terminal, found in Applications:Utilities.

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