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Specification:Relationship Calculator

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For Gramps 4.x.x: gramps/tree/master/gramps/plugins/rel
Text strings returned by the function should be in the UNICODE character set. GNOME expects all displayed strings to be UNICODE characters, and most report formats use UNICODE. While it may be tempting to use ISO-8859 or other character sets, these will not display correctly and will cause errors.
The relationship plugin must be [[GEPS 014: Plugin registration and management|registered]] in the plugin system. In short, you have to edit the file <code>[{{Code Base}}gramps/plugins/rel/]</code> in the directory <code>gramps/codetree/trunkmaster/gramps/plugins/rel</code>. Follow the model of any of the other languages, and fill in all the possible language identifiers that '''may possibly''' be associated with your language: for example, different systems use <code>ru</code>, <code>RU</code>, <code>ru_RU</code>, <code>koi8r</code>, <code>ru_koi8r</code>, <code>russian</code>, <code>Russian</code>, <code>ru_RU.koi8r</code>, etc. to identify the Russian language.
That's it for the requirements. The example <code>relcalc</code> plugins can be found in <code>[{{Code Base}}gramps/gen/ gramps/gen/]</code> and <code>[{{Code Base}}/gramps/plugins/rel/ gramps/plugins/rel/]</code> or <code>[{{Code Base}}gramps/plugins/rel/ gramps/plugins/rel/]</code>.

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