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Getting started with Gramps master

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New Screens and Functionality
# Quick Views - in most lists, you can right-click and run a Quick View. Further, on a Quick View you can double-click and entry and be taken to the associated object to view or edit. Quick View lists are also sortable on their columns
# Gramplets - Gramplets is an experimental new main view in GRAMPS. These are little interfaces to GRAMPS functionality. There are Gramplets that allow you to compute ages on a particular date (Age on Date), see events on a day in history (Calendar), see the top surnames in your Family Tree (Top Surnames), a TODO list, Python shell (with date calculator), a Session Log, and more. There isn't any real documentation yet, but you can find more detail at the proposal [[GEPS 004: My GRAMPS and Gadgets|GEPS 004]].
# Notes - There is now a sophisticated method for attaching notes to any object, and a new Notes main view, complete with filter to find exactly what you're looking for. Notes also have the ability for attractive formatting.
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