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Windows installer

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Additional plugins:
* The Relationship Graph can not use PDF as output format unless there is an installation of [ ghostscript]. After installation, if gswin32.exe or gswin32c.exe is in the path, PDF should appear as one of the formats in the graphical Relationship Graph report.
* '''Spell-checking:'''
*# For spell-checking to work you first need [ Enchant library] and python bindings [http PyEnchant]. Enchant appears to be a generic spell checking library. You can request dictionaries from it, ask if a word is correctly spelled, get corrections for a misspelled word, etc... PyEnchant is a set of language bindings and some wrapper classes to make the excellent Enchant spellchecker available as a Python module. Both are available for windows as single setup file:
*#* [ pyenchant-1.5.3.win32.exe]
*# Secondly you need [ PyGTKSpell] from [ gnome-python-extras] which is bindings allowing to run Python programs using the [ GtkSpell library], that extends GTK+'s GtkTextView widget with support for spell-checking. Depending of yours Python version download and install one of these:

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