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Addon:All Names Quickview

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{{Third-party plugin}}
== [[File:AllNamesOfAllPeople-Quickview-addon-example-50.png|thumb|right|450px|All Names of All People - Quickview ==- results window]]
[[Image:AllNames.gif|thumb|right|450pxThe {{man label|Fig. All Names Quickview]] The of All Names People}} - Quickview shows:
* All names of all people
* The associated primary name
These events are sorted by name, but can be sorted by any column by clicking the column header.
You can activate the Quickview by right-clicking on a person's name in the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#People_Category|People Category View]], and selecting "Quick View", and "All Names of All People".
You can also use the Quickview as a Gramplet:
# select the Gramplet Dashboard Category View
# right-click in an open area, and select "Add a gramplet"
# left-click on "Quick View " Gramplet"# detach the Quick View Gramplet# Select "OptionsConfigure the active view" at from the top of toolbar and then select the Gramplet"Quick View" tab# Select View Type: "Person", and select the appopriate appropriate Quick View, and press "Save"# Close the Options"Configure the active view" dialog
<!-- You can then change Gramps Views, and select different people, and the view will change automatically.-->
== Functionality ==
Double-click a row in the Quickview to bring up a dialog showing the person associated with the name.
You can download this plugin by following the directions at [[Third-party Plugins]]==Issues==* Quickview dashboard link does not work.

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