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Add a spouse

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How do I add a spouse to a person?
''Civil Union'', or ''Unknown''. The two principle people are labeled as ''Father'' and ''Mother''. However, these can be used to handle childless couples, couples with children, or even same-sex partners. A person can have multiple partners, but each is listed in a different Family.
Partners are added using the Edit Family form. You can bring up this form from two different views - the Relationship View and the Family List View.
== Bringing up the Edit Family form from the Relationship View ==
== Alternate Method ==
You can also add a partner to a person from the Family List View. Select the Family List View, and click on the {{man button|Add}} button in the toolbar. This will bring up the Edit Family form with no people selected. In this case you must add both the father (''John Smith'') and the partner.

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