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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - User Directory

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== POSIX - style systems ==
The default user directory location for an installation of Gramps in a [ POSIX]-style [ environment] is:
This is true for [ BSD], [ Linux], [ Solaris], [ Unix] and [ Mac OS-X] when using [[InstallationBuild_from_source#Mac_OS_X:Build_from_source|Mac OS X Build from source]].
=== Mac OS X ===
The default location for an installation on a Windows 7 and higher system is
C:\UsersProgram Files\<~username>\AppData\Roaming\gramps\gramps34GrampsAIOXX-4.X.X
The default location for an user data on a Windows 7 and higher system is C:\Users\<~username>\AppData\Roaming\gramps On Windows XP and earlierfor user data, it is
C:\Documents and Settings\<~username>\Application Data\gramps

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