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Mac OS X:Build from source

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A fully packaged binary application for Gramps on Mac is available for both Intel and PPC and its use is described at [[Mac OS X:Application package]].
This page describes a number of different ways of building and installing GRAMPS Gramps from source on Mac OS X. The linked pages provide step by step instructions.
=== GTK-OSX version ===
=====(1) Virtual Server=====
Another option is to install a virtual server on your Mac (like VMware Fusion), create a virtual machine running Linux, and install GRAMPS Gramps in there. A Gnome based distro like Ubuntu would be a good choice for the Linux system.
=====(2) Compile GRAMPS Gramps from source without a package manager =====
If you have all of the dependent libraries installed already, this should be possible. Just download the .tar.gz file, unpack it, and follow the INSTALL instructions.
=====(3) Bootcamp =====
If you have Bootcamp installed, you can use the Windows version of GRAMPSGramps.
==== Is this going to be too complicated for me? ====
The GTK-OSX option can build Gramps from source on the Desktop without typing a single character! The X11 MacPorts option is very straight forward. The other options may be more complicated.

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