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Cairo Clock Example: update image as shown on win 7
In fact, with Python, gtk, and cairo, you can make your own widgets that do pretty much anything and look very nice. Here is an example adding a Cairo Clock (which really keeps time) to Gramps 3.4 : [ ClockGramplet.addon.tgz] or with GTK+ Gramps 4.0: [ ClockGramplet.addon.tgz]
Here it the Clock Gramplet is shown on the Gramplet Dashboard view:
[[File:ClockScreenClockGramplet-dashboard-41.png|400px|Clock on Gramplet View- Dashboard view (Gramps 4.1.0)]]
and detached:
[[File:ClockGramplet-detatched-41.png|400px|Clock Gramplet - shown detached(Gramps 4.1.0)]]
== GUI Options ==

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