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Comparison of genealogy software

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Originally '''Family Tree Maker''' screens were going to be displayed but the version available is 9 years old and no longer representative. '''FTM''' screen shots are available at ''''.
These are the '''''The Family View:'''''
These are the '''''The Pegigree View:'''''
**The two different expanded information blocks are features of both programs. Hovering the cursor over a name gets the block shown in the PAF display while a click gets the block shown in the AQ view.**Note the number of generations displayed (original display was about 800 pixels wide)**The URH corner and filled and unfilled arrows have a similar meaning as above
These are the '''''The Individual or Name List View:'''''
*Click a category in the heading to sort, click again to reverse the sort.
*Heading categories may be added, removed , resized and reordered.
These are the basic '''''Add/Edit individual screensIndividual Screens'''''
*The basic business end of any program - where the data are entered. The same basic screen serves to add and edit information although with other titles, the basic business end of any program - where the data are entered.
*The other two screens of AQ allow a bit more data to be added.
*Here we begin to see the philosophical difference between '''Gramps''' and other programs, '''Gramps''' has a far deeper commitment to an event driven life. Custom events/categories can be added and grouped into another template.*Clicking the '''S''' to the right opens a screen for source data entry. AQ allows entry of a category for a source and uses it to filter the source display.*A menu choice in AQ's Tools and PAF's Options displays the font's full Unicode character map - select and click to insert the character. Another choice here pops-up the date calculator.
*AQ's "To Do" and "Research Manager" are useful and generally underutilized features.
*Date entry is pretty simple, corresponding to the "Text comment" of '''Gramps'''.

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