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Comparison of genealogy software

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This page will try to illustrate some of the features of genealogy database programs other than '''Gramps'''. It will serve to allow '''Gramps''' users who do not have access to these programs to understand comments regarding them.
Lets start off with '''Personal Ancestral File 5.2''' ( and '''Ancestral Quest 11''' ( '''AQ''' has been updated within the last 6 months to '''AQ''' 12 but there seems to be little difference in appearance. If the two programs seem to be very similar that is because (as I understand it) the LDS Church bought the source and developmental rights to '''AQ 3''' a long time ago. '''PAF 5.2''' has been around for many yearsand is used by thousands of people around the world. It is available for free download from the '''LDS''' site. These programs have only Windoze versions although they run reasonably well on Wine.
Originally '''Family Tree Maker''' screens were going to be displayed but the version available is 9 years old and no longer representatiove. '''FTM''' screen shots are available at ''''.

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